Meet our 2022–23 committee.

To find out more about how to join our committee, visit our join us page.

Tom Cracknell

Club captain

"Hi, I am Tom, the SUWC Club Captain for 2022-23.

For those who do not know me, I am a fourth year Aerospace student and an avid walker and general outdoors and adrenaline seeker."

"I have had a great time with the club over the last few years including being an active walks leader and in my role as Treasurer last year.

In my new role as captain, I will be overseeing the committee and the club in general."

"I am excited to meet all the new people to the club and look forward to getting hiking in the Peak District and beyond!"

Immy Donoghue


"Hi, I’m Immy, the SUWC Secretary for this year. I’m a second year Economics student and love a nice walk in the peaks to clear my head after a busy week."

"My role is mainly commitee admin but I do look after the inbox so chances are if you sent us an email it’s been me responding! If you’ve got any questions or concerns about anything SUWC please don’t hesitate to contact us at !"

"SUWC is such a great place to meet like minded people while enjoying the fantastic national park that we are lucky enough to have right on our doorstep!"

Richard Carter


"Hi all, I’m Richard and I’m the Treasurer for SUWC for 2022\23.

I’m a fourth-year aerospace engineering student. Here’s me out by Rivelin reservoirs a winter or so ago. I’m a big fan of hiking, climbing, mountain biking, camping and I also enjoy a bit of astronomy and motorsport."

"I’m the treasurer for the committee this time around so I’ll be responsible for keeping tabs on funding for the club throughout the year, and I’ll be looking to help us all enjoy activities a bit more with financial subsidies where possible."

Katie Jones

Inclusions Officer

"Hi, I’m Katie, I’m the Inclusions Officer for SUWC for 2022-23.

I am studying General Engineering, specialising in civil engineering. This year I am on placement in Leeds but will be back to lead lots of walks throughout the year."

"I am looking forward to seeing lots of new faces and ensuring everyone enjoys their time with the club!"

Phoebe Whiteley

Publicity Officer

"Hi, I'm Phoebe and I’m the Publicity Officer for SUWC for 2022\23.

I’m a second year English Literature student who loves getting out walking in any weather (as long as I’ve got a flask of tea with me)."

"As publicity officer I am responsible for sending out the weekly newsletter, managing the website and updating social media. Any queries don't hesitate to get in touch!"

Vie West

Social Secretary

"My name is Vie and I am the Social Secretary for SUWC for 2022/23.

This is my second year in the club and my first year on committee. The walking club was the first club I joined when I got to Sheffield and it has been one of my favourites. I think it’s the best way for newcomers to Sheffield to get out into the peaks in a safe way as well as meeting people who share a love of nature and exploration."

"I’m really looking forward to organising some different and fun socials for us to get to know each other better this year."

Erin Stout

Activities Officer

"Hi! I’m Erin and I am the Activities officer.

I am currently in my second year of medical school. I joined the walking club because I think it’s a great chance to take a break from work, get outdoors and explore new places!

As Activities Officer I will make sure our walks are registered and I will organise sign ups when needed.

Vivek Choradia

Walks Officer and Safety & Training Officer

Hello! I am Vivek and I’m the Walks Officer as well as Safety and Training Officer of the Club!

My favourite bit about being in the Walking Club is meeting amazing people all the time who share the passion towards nature!

If you have any recommendations and feedback about the walks do not hesitate to contact me. And if you fancy being a walk leader or a first aid with our club then feel free to let us know!

Becca Talbot Smith

Equipment officer

Hi I'm Becca! I am a 3rd year Chemical engineering student, I am a very outdoorsy person who loves to do lots of walking and camping.

I only joined last year, so this is my first year on committee!

"I am the equipment officer for the year and will be responsible for merchandising. If you have any suggestions for what sort of merchandise you would like to see us provide, do let me know."

Hanz Tantiangco

Trips officer

"Hi, I'm Hanz and I'm a 3rd year PhD student. The type of walks I enjoy are the long and challenging ones.

"I'm continuing my role as the trips officer this year (fifth year running!), which makes me responsible for organising the club's trips around the UK.

"I’ve found that SUWC is a very friendly and welcoming club. So it’s the perfect place to meet new people and get into hiking. I hope to see plenty of you on our trips and walks!"